Ashley and Carl - Muskoka Ontario


The term Love Celebration is absolutely perfect for this situation. Wanting to avoid being disingenuous, it was important for Ashley and Carl to label this as something that isn’t a wedding, because in the traditional sense of sense of the word, it wasn’t, and they didn’t want to feel like they were lying to themselves or their loved ones. This authentic approach to their day really stuck with me after our initial chat over Skype with them. 

Currently residing in the U.K. , Ashley wanted to celebrate her love to Carl with her friends and family back home in Toronto and surrounding areas. Ultimately choosing to have their celebration in the Muskokas to showcase the beauty that Ontario has to offer to all of Carl’s family members and friends visiting from England. 

Ashley was without a doubt a stunning, authentic, boho bride. Not because it was something in trend but because it was who she is. Ashley and Carl’s wedding day style and look were the ultimate tandem to go along with the beautiful vintage lake house aesthetic provided by the Sherwood Inn and the Muskokas. Her Rue De Seine dress from Loversland couldn’t have been more perfectly chosen to create an aura of consistent feeling everywhere the Bride went on the grounds. She was authentically effortless in her romantic bohemian style wedding dress. Something out of a scene from a movie at times. 

Maybe I’ve been watching too many 80’s flicks and listening to synth heavy bands at that time, but it’ll be something burned into my mind’s eye now when I look back at these photos. There’s something special about shooting in Muskoka for me, being able to escape the chaos of downtown Toronto is welcomed once in a while. Breathing in fresh air, and enjoying the smaller details in life, like watching a sunset with someone important in your life and forgetting to check Instagram or whatever social media platform is taking over your life right now, is something everyone should experience. I'm lucky that my job provides me with incredible opportunities to live and understand my own life better and grow as an artist and person.

It was easy to feel the magic of the tone of the day’s atmosphere, clearly it stuck with me. Documenting something so palatable as the love felt and shared by everyone from far and wide was an experience that every photographer craves. 

The sailboat, the lake house, the vibrant flowers, the sound of waves hitting the dock, the orange light seeping through the windows from the sun setting, the love… all of it, truly made for an unforgettable experience.


Album of the Day -  Ruby Haunt - Hurt

- 3B

Hair and Makeup: Bride
Wedding Dress: Rue De Seine - Loversland
Venue/Catering: Sherwood Inn
Second Shooter: Ryanne Hollies