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I setup some studio lights in my apartment and had my friends come over to snap some photos. My friend Chuck Hamilton is a movie Director and just made an awesome short film that features some big names in the industry and I'm really excited and flattered he got me to create his IMDB profile picture (the first image of the series is the one he went with). The black and white look really helped add some drama and gave off a more cinematic feel, I'm glad he went with it.  Afterwards I did a LinkedIn profile picture for my roommate Greg and when we wrapped up the shoot I decided to setup a blue backdrop and create some more fun portraits, I went for a California sunshine look, or a Weezer Blue Album Cover look with the pics, we had fun and I'm pretty happy with the results. 

If you ever need a portrait taken for whatever just give me a shout!

- 3B

Ryanne_Blue_Portait-Film-Black-and-White- 2.jpg

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Welcome to my official blog. 

My name is Brian, I'm a documentary photographer based out of Toronto, Canada. I consider myself a documentary photographer because my main objective is to tell stories through a visual medium. I've always marched to the beat of my own drum and I hope that my personality and personal style bleed through all the images I take and share with you.  

I've worked as a freelance Photojournalist and Documentary photographer for Canada's largest national newspaper; The Globe and Mail,  I've also been commissioned by UFC, The NBA, Country Music Television , North by North East and many more clients from all walks of life. 

I'll be posting here fairly regularly so if you'd like to keep up with what I'm doing feel free to subscribe to my blog via email below, or make sure to "Like" my Facebook page and Instagram 'cuz I'll be sharing unique and select images across different platforms!