Intimate Wedding at The Craft in Liberty Village


A winter wedding in one of Liberty Village’s best restaurants / bars? Yup. 

Mike and Amanda’s wedding at the Craft Brasserie & Grille was one of my absolute favourite winter weddings to date. It was very cool to be a part of the first wedding ever hosted at the Craft. The Toronto neighbourhood of Liberty Village offers so much variety for photographs and wedding options that I was beyond excited to have this wedding on the books so early on in the year.

I was fortune enough to cross paths with the bride and groom after I photographed Caitlin and Jon’s wedding (insert link to their blog post, and within a few months of their February wedding in  Liberty Village, we met up at the Craft to have a variety of craft beers and check out the space before it was transformed for their winter wedding.

There was so much to love about the entire wedding day, including the weather. Although we’ve been treated with a cold winter this year, Mike and Amanda got one of their milder days which gave us so much flexibility for the photos.

Liberty Village has that old Toronto charm in various alleys and back streets, so naturally we took advantage of the vintage aesthetic for their first look, the bridal party photos and their portraits. The beautiful red bricks of the old buildings really contrasted with the white and grey that the winter provided.

The first look was set in the middle of Liberty Village and it felt like we had the entire area to ourselves and we sort if did. I vividly remember their first look and how excited Amanda was and how she was unable to contain her happiness and curiosity, peeking around the corner to see her soon to be husband standing in the middle of the street. It was a cute, genuine and inspiring moment where their love revealed itself in a subtle form.

Amanda looked incredible in her minimal and subtle modern bridal look, sheer elegance with a bit of flair thanks to a beautiful shawl.  The entire aesthetic and vibe of the wedding was 100% Mike and Amanda : low-key fun with a bit of quirkiness. I mean, if you’re getting married in a restaurant that serves with 120 craft beers on tap, you probably appreciate good times in a good atmosphere with your closest friends and family, and that’s exactly what this wedding was.

Of course, we took advantage of the beautiful space and MASSIVE keg room for some unique and off-the-cuff portraits, I actually think it was colder in the keg fridge than it was outside, but the bride and groom didn’t flinch, probably thanks to a few of those craft beers keeping the blood warm. I never expected to get a romantic vibe from a keg room / beer fridge, but Mike and Amanda took the time to get away from their friends and family to enjoy a second together, alone, and take in the quiet moment as they the feelings of their entire wedding day washed over them.

With the sun setting early, the mood quickly turned to a lively vibe where guests were mingling, dancing, and tasting all 120 craft beers available to them as they chowed down on some incredible BBQ dinner. The night was filled was laughs, and no bigger laugh came then the moment the bride attempted to pour a pint of beer for herself and her groom, only to quickly fill the glass with head and spilling the excess beer on her wedding dress! It was a hilarious moment that I’m sure none of us will forget.

It was a beautiful day, and although I hate the cold, it was without a doubt worth standing outside to witness the natural and candid moments unfold between these two incredibly genuine people on their wedding day.

A winter wedding in Liberty Village Toronto, done right.

Song of the Day

Sanctuary - Ruby Haunt

- 3B

white-moose-antlers -1.png

Venue/Catering: The Craft Brasserie and Grille
Cake: Donuts by The Craft Brasserie and Grille
Salon/Stylist: Ana Maria’s
Wedding Dress: Ted Baker
Bridesmaids Necklaces: Casa Lovina
Invitations: Artwork by Vanessa Ong
Second Shooter: Ryanne Hollies


Winter Wedding at the Broadview Hotel


The 2019 wedding season kicked off with some familiar faces in a familiar place, the Broadview Hotel, in the heart of my former neighbourhood of Riverside, Toronto’s not so hidden gem anymore in the East end of downtown which played host to Seana and Bryce’s winter wedding.

I met both Seana and Bryce a few years ago when I photographed her sister Danielle’s wedding at Boehmer restaurant.  At the time we joked that if I did a good enough job that sometime in the near future I’d likely get to be photograph Seana’s wedding, and here we are, a few years later at the Broadview Hotel fulfilling the prophesy. After my first experience wit their families I knew wholeheartedly that this wedding was going beyond enjoyable and relaxing.

It’s also cool for me to get the insight on family traditions and habits including Seana’s grandmother wearing her vintage dress that she wore to her own daughter’s wedding and Danielle’s wedding a few years ago, was a moment I was personally looking forward to. I was also excited to potentially unconsciously capture re-created moments like the bride’s grandfather taking a portrait of her much like he did years ago with his other granddaughter. In all facets of my work, I’m always habitually drawn to photographs that I’ve taken of familiar people,  I’m given an unconstrained perspective of who people really are at times which gives me a personal feeling of nostalgia that can’t quite be explained but somehow comes through when looking at the images. A unique and rare opportunity as a wedding photographer, so I wanted to make the most of it as much as I possibly could.

Winter weddings are somewhat rare here in Toronto, but anytime I get the privilege to capture one, I often wonder why they aren’t more popular. The Broadview Hotel was the perfect place for their winter wedding as a matter of fact. The rustic and modern interior of the hotel provided limitless opportunities for us to capture artistic images, the glass rooftop made for a romantic setting for the first look and portraits. The ceremony was also held on the glass rooftop, and being treated with a sunny winter day, the entire ceremony space was filled with pale light through all the windows as the sun began to slowly set.  The entire ambiance of the day was vivid and an homage to people who appreciate a retro-modern industrial vibe that truly represents the current feeling of living in Toronto.

Of course, the neon Broadview Hotel made an appearance at the end of the evening, providing the vintage aesthetic to bring the entire day together as the bride and groom enjoyed a moment alone to appreciate the ephemeral nature of their thoughts, emotions and the entire day leading up to that point.

I wanted to represent this feeling as much as possible, the help of analog film played a huge role on this day for that very purpose. Shooting rolls of Super 8mm film to accompany some 35mm film helped me capture a tangible feeling that could only be truly experienced in the present moment otherwise. I grew up watching Super 8 footage of my family and always remember getting extremely sentimental watching the films, no matter how old I was or how many times I’ve re-watched the same reels, I was always brought back to a moment and place in time that would be otherwise fleeting, I could still somehow live in that moment over and over again through those sentimental emotions.

I wanted to do my very best to give Seana and Bryce the opportunity to look back on their beautiful wedding day and feel that way about their memories. We’ll always somewhat forget the mundane details, but we rarely forget how we felt.

If you’d like to feel a bit of that nostalgia, the Super 8mm highlight clip is at the end of this blog post. 

Song/Album of the Day

White Horses - Tyler Burkhart - 2012-2016 (Album)

- 3B

white-moose-antlers -1.png

Venue/Catering: Broadview Hotel
Second Shooter: Ryanne Hollies