Prints + Pricing


Gallery Frames

With museum-like quality, the Gallery Frame is printed on archival paper with an ultra thick matte. Your choice of finish colour (Maple, Walnut, Black, White). It comes fully finished and ready to hang.


Deep-Set Gallery Frames

Has the same museum-like quality of the Gallery Frame but it adds depth to your walls with your photo set back by one inch. Your choice between a Maple or Walnut finish. It comes fully finished and ready to hang.


Bamboo Prints

The Bamboo Print is an alternative to a frame. It's printed on matte and has a very natural look. This alternative is great if you're looking for something non-traditional.


Extra-Thick Prints

Ultra-think print on an eggshell-matte. Can stand alone and makes for a minimalist wall decor.


Gallery Frame

Deep-Set Frame

Bamboo Print

Ultra-Thick Prints







One 11x14







Two 8x10






Two 8x8






Four 5x7