Toronto Wedding photographer engagement shoot at Lil'Baci - couple having brunch
 Detail of Lil'Baci during engagement shoot in Toronto
 Brunch sign in Leslieville
 Couple engaged in Leslieville, Toronto
 Candid moments captured by Toronto photojournalist
 Candid shot of couple having brunch
 Candid of couple getting drinks in Leslieville, Toronto
 Detail shot of beer at Lil'Baci engagement shoot
 Caesar at Li'Baci restaurant in Leslieville, Toronto
 Photojournalist candid of couple engaged to be married
 Amazing brunch served at Lil'Baci's in Toronto, Canada
 Detail of Lil'Baci in Leslieville 
 Fiance laughing, artistic candid shot by 3B Photography
 Brunch Engagement shoot by Toronto Wedding Photographers
 Coffee during engagement shoot at Mercury Espresso Bar
 Detail of Mercury Espresso bar during toronto engagement shoot
 Espresso cups
 Soon to be bride and groom cuddle during engagementshoot
 cute Toronto couple engaged to be married
 minimalist photo of espresso 
 detail shot of engagement ring
 detail shot of couples hands during Toronto engagement shoot
 minimalist detail shot of table with coffee
 detail shot of dog at coffee shop
 detail photograph of Leslieville, Toronto
 Vintage photograph of engaged couple
 Artistic, dramatic photo through window
 Creative shot of engaged couple below sign
 Another creative, funny photograph of couple below sign
 Happy engaged couple posing for artistic, minimalist, epic portrait
 Cute couple at engagement shoot in Toronto, Canada
 Toronto engagement photographers shoot happy couple
 Wedding Photographers detail shot of engagement ring
 couple embracing during engagement shoot
 Mike embracing his fiance during photojournalist engagement shoot
 Couple kissing at engagement shoot before wedding
 Couple laughing at engagement shoot in Leslieville
 Couple walking down busy Toronto street, GTA
 Couple sitting as Toronto taxi goes by in the GTA
 Happy couple soon to be married, photographed by Brian Batista Bettencourt
 Engagement photo on the sidewalk
 Dramatic engagement photograph in alley way in Toronto, Canada
 Epic portrait of engaged couple during session. All photos by 3B Photography

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